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Whatfuk 2 [English]

Action, magic, adventure All of this will encounter within the realm of “Wakfu”! Our comics are better , because in addition to these elements, our cartoon universe has two major differences – the gals in our vesion is way more well equipped and they aren’t afraid to put their yummy treats to useful use! Yeah, hot action can take different forms…

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Whatfuk (English)

It is possible to meet the gang of robbers simply by traveling through the forest in a fantasy world. The situation could quickly escalate into a fight in any other story but this is an homage to hentai, so it won’t be anything serious. The actress who will be in this scene will be none other than Amalia Sheran Sharmfrom “WakFu”.

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[AHEAHEAD] RMAT Vol. 04 – Vous connaissez Wakfu? (Wakfu)

The manga here is very classic of manga that is based on the hentai well-known (at least , it was a long time back) cartoon show “Wakfu”. And ofcourse it has some signature features of classic manga, like the fact that it’s in japanese languageand it is not colored, but you must check it out – it is not very long , and it will include scenes of sex with several of the main characters!

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[Rafchu] WakFemmes (Wakfu) [English]

This is a vivid and intense action xxx that takes place in the world of Wakfu which allows viewers to experience the way these beautiful girls sexually. The story begins with two characters who take over the third in the dungeon, as is usual but soon enough some new (or at least lesser known) characters take to the stage and bring new entertainments for them as well as for the readers…

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Whakfuta Academy

Sex is a natural thing so it is not surprising that anyone who is connected to natural magic should be a professional in all related to sex and. And yes, sexy chicks from the “Wakfu” series are not an exception . They even have to take special classes in their academy, where they will learn how to handle big and hard sexually active cocks with proper manners. Enjoy!

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